How Boycott Chinese Phones? Can Change Your Business Strategies.


Ever since the border conflict between India and China, there has been a trend of boycott China products on social media.

How Boycott Chinese Phones?
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According to business experts, Mr. Rushabh Doshi, Research Director, Canalis, the boycott of China's campaign will not last long, as Indians have no other choice. Many people want to buy new smartphones and electronic goods, but at the moment, there are Chinese products in the Indian market. 

Also, if you look at Chinese smartphones as an alternative, there are very few brands like Samsung that offer better performance at lower prices like Chinese smartphones.

According to Research, the Boycott of Chinese products is not a new concept in Indian markets. Despite this, Chinese companies continue to dominate.
Among the top 5 smartphone companies in the Indian market, Samsung is the only company that is not a Chinese company.

The left Chinese companies Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus owned by BBK Electronics.

According to, Research Director of IDC India Mr. Navkendar Singh made it clear that Indian smartphone users have no choice to buy smartphones from Chinese companies, because of current Indian companies not capable to compete Chinese Smartphone Companies.

 Consumers feel that this is just a game of values, and Chinese companies have been successful in making it to the fullest.

Singh disagrees with Indian people's decision to boycott Chinese smartphones could affect smartphone producers like Xiaomi Vivo Oppo due to the Indo-China border dispute.

They are already struggling because they don't have any stock of phones, and the demand for smartphones is already low.

Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that 200 smartphone manufacturers in India exported 36 million smartphones in Financial Year 2020 compared to just 17 million in Financial Year 2019.

Chinese companies have invested heavily in distribution channels, manufacturing units, and R&D centers because of India's lucrative smartphone market.
This makes a move to boycott Chinese smartphones seem dangerous.

Because some big Chinese companies have their manufacturing units while some companies have contracted to assemble smartphones.

Taking such a dangerous step would collapse the ecosystem of smartphones in India and endanger the jobs of thousands of workers.

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